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Tapes in Corona

By November 11, 2020November 12th, 2020project #1

Dorothée Gerling and Paloma Xenia

We feel that these spaces made of tape feel like a limit to us.

Our daily life in Berlin is currently limited by Corona.

But this barrier also helps protect others and us.

An experience that we didn’t know and had never experienced before.

Now we wear masks in the supermarkets, on the shopping streets, on the train.

By keeping our distance, we can no longer see family and friends as we used to. We have to be flexible in a different way .

We don´t meet all in one place like the university, but we meet us in a virtual space.

This is changing the architecture to the point that we will no longer depend on fixed locations in the future.

Large buildings like the university are no longer as necessary as meeting places.

Instead, we create new places where we need them.

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