fem_arc STUDIO is a three-day design studio in which students challenge existing power structures in the built environment by learning new design tools. Since the F_TALKS and F_PODCASTS, we have been promoting visibility for non-conforming spatial practitioners and practices. In both series our guests discussed tools they use (and sometimes invented) to create more equitable spaces. fem_arc STUDIO is a subversive space to finally put the discussions into practice, and to become familiar with the emancipatory potential of different design tools. And because we still aim for visibility, workshops will end with an open panel discussion.


fem_arc collective is a Berlin-based collective of architects working on projects from an intersectional angle. Since 2018, we have been critically examining power structures in space and the intersection of individual experiences of discrimination due to gender, race, economic status, ability, queerness, religion and others. Through formats such as talks, workshops, a podcast series, and audio walks we question norms and standards in our field and propagate spatial strategies that contribute to the production of non-discriminatory spaces. 

fem_arc Studio wird gefördert durch das Anreizsystem der Frauenbeauftragten der Fakultät Gestaltung an der Universität der Künste Berlin