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Richard Hees

when it’s windy outside
my right eye always gets somewhat teary
(it lies in the family)
I’m carrying a chair with both hands
that I have to put down
every time, I need to wipe my right eye
as I said
it lies in the family
my brother has it
my father has it
and my grandfather had it
when there was some wind, especially in winter
my granfather‘s eyes would tear a lot
and he would use one of those old-school napkins to wipe his eyes dry
he would always keep them in his pockets
they look something like this
[picture of dirty cloth]
as you might see this is just a kitchen towel because i couldn‘t find those napkins in no store
that‘s how old-school they are
but you get the vibe

fem_arc STUDIO is a workshop series in which students challenge existing power structures in the built environment by learning new design tools.