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By project #1
Vicente Mateus, Şevval Öztürk, Nursena Yıldız fem_arc · fem_arc STUDIO: isolation Our intervention is based on light as a spatial concept. With it, comes the possibility to create a stage without boundaries, without definitions, without any classes and categories; a common ground. We took our intense relationship with isolation, how it affected our social life in a new city  and we brought this relationship to the streets, where anyone can experience it, together. After sharing our thoughts on the current situation of the world, we all agreed that we were dealing with isolation in a way we’ve never experienced before....
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Space Explorers

By warm up
with 22 i slipped my disk, now i live in two cities - this object helps me with both. yesterday i had to pick up my girl, so I couldn't go for a walk with my chair. at night i dreamed about my suitcase and realized that with him i recognize layers of the world wich i normally dont, because i dont have to - sound, stairs, texture of ground. my suitcase is made for a modern world, likes clean, flat grounds, lifts, places with the sound of civilization. i feel safe with him at the train station, on my...
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Heat Exchange

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Ana Rodriguez Bisbicus and Rahel Stange 6 degrees outside, it feels like 3 degrees.  the sun rises at 7.20 am. the sun sets at 4.20 pm.  today we have 9 hours of sun.  the later we start the day the less sun we will see.  the relation between light and temperature,  inside and outside,  afraid of cold, of darkness. I am nervous already. In 5 minutes it will start. Just a seminar. Just a group of people.  The digital world makes me feel unsecure, how does the background which will be seen by the group looks like?  I start to...
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fem_arc STUDIO is a workshop series in which students challenge existing power structures in the built environment by learning new design tools.