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Reading us Aloud Through Isolation

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Ivan Leroy In the short film Reading us Aloud Through Isolation, Ive tried to enlighten my growing connection to the humanoid objects populating my flat and the depth they give to my walls. While reading an extract of the book A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, I’m questioning the effect of words on my surrounding. In the film, you can briefly see me sitting at the kitchen table. But quickly the camera focuses on the divers objects, that I gathered along the years: George, an African mask, Bill, a trumpet playing statuette, a nameless drawing figure, a cast of my...
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A Fragmentation Of The Calendar

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Péter Máthé fem_arc · fem_arc STUDIO: Fragmentation Of The Calendar The pandemic is one of the biggest challenges our society had to deal with since I was born. At least in the sense that it is global, and only coordinated measures can fight it on the long term. To To shut down our economy, labour, transportation is one of them. Of course a lockdown is dangerous because certain social problems might under such circumstances intensify. Whilst for some this condition can even be enjoyable for a short period of time, for others it might be horrifying. In late 2020 human...
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Eye & Glove

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Richard Hees when it's windy outside my right eye always gets somewhat teary (it lies in the family) I'm carrying a chair with both hands that I have to put down every time, I need to wipe my right eye as I said it lies in the family my brother has it my father has it and my grandfather had it when there was some wind, especially in winter my granfather‘s eyes would tear a lot and he would use one of those old-school napkins to wipe his eyes dry he would always keep them in his pockets they look...
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fem_arc STUDIO is a workshop series in which students challenge existing power structures in the built environment by learning new design tools.